Mutant Gardening 101

It started off as a patch of grass, that my boyfriend dug out. We add some compost/manure/stuff to. And some itty bitty plants. Sweet potatoes and 1 other plant, that I had *thought* was zucchini. Ahem.

Now, it's this

That tall stuff? 2 tomato plants that have had to be roped up. Twice. Because they are freaking huge. I hope the fruit actually is edible.

Green beans. I've harvested twice so far, and they are seriously yummy. I am going to harvest again today if it's not raining.

 Crazy mutant tomatoes overshadowing my purple dragon carrots.

You can see some onions and the carrots here

The small vining leaves are sweet potatoes

 And this is the surprise. It seems I planted PUMPKINS and not zucchini. Who knew!! LOL
Another one growing.

 Cucumber that is almost ready to be picked. I've picked 2 so far, ate one and have another I am going to give to this sweet 78 year old lady I work with.

A closer look at the purple dragon carrots.

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