Book Review: The Never King by George Tyson

The Never KingThe Never King by George Tyson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.75 stars

This is a very unique novel.

Using a composition of spy themes, fantasy, Arthurian genre, and to be honest probably a multitude of others - the author expertly breathes life into this story and the characters. It was intriguing, intricate and I did not know what to expect next while reading it. You don't get lost, even though so much is going on and situations will just pop into a scene, but it's like a potato chip - you can never just have one. You have to keep reading just to see what happens next. It was exciting to read as the author continuously pulls you further into the story.

This is an exquisitely well written novel. The concept is amazing, I loved how so many elements got blended but not dissipated at all.

You can tell there is room for the story to continue, and the way it was written you want to read what is next.

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