Tuesday - Bleh

Busy busy busy!

Made mexican last night. Yum. Going out for dinner tonight though :) Then maybe shopping! If we're in the mood :)

I've come to the realization that one of my bosses does better with women who are cranky/mean. Since I am PMS'ing, and therefore in a somewhat cranky mood, he seems nicer and more light hearted. He said he felt like he was at home with his wife. Which makes me think 2 things. That he likes/used to crankier/bitchier women and that he will leave me alone after laughing at me curse my computer and mutter under my breath about stupid PC's. Ahem. It seems I am too nice all the time. Who knew!

Also: I am really needing a hug today. Ever get the feeling, that you just need to be hugged? Like, A lot? For a long long time? Yeah, my heart is sorta achy and needs hugs. I am blaming PMS emotions on that one...

There is a cricket, somewhere behind me, hiding in the cabinets. It's loud. Joys.

Back to the grind

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