It's a chilly, rainy Monday morning

I should have brought a scarf to work. I am wearing a cute knit beanie hat today, but it's not warm enough for this chilly morning. So, I'm drinking some hot tea and wearing a fleece jacket and trying to wake up. I don't like waking up. I'd much rather be asleep, in a warm cozy comfy bed. Curled up inside my nest of blankets and warm kitties. Diego alone is an awesome heat source, love it when he sleeps against my back.

This weekend, got waxed :) Yay :) Though I have 2 patches on my inner thighs that are NOT thanking me. I've been smearing some yummy lavender oil blend on them which is helping though.

My sister got in around lunch time on Saturday! YAY!!! SO EXCITED!!! It is so unbelievably AWESOME to see her and talk to her and just hang out! I mean, wow. I have really and truly missed her!

We went to Mom's Organic store yesterday and Martins to get some groceries. Mom's is always a huge treat for me :) Love shopping there :)

I want to take her to a couple different restaurants in the area, probably tomorrow and Wednesday. Thursday (my bday) I am making lasagna and dump cake. I have not had to best luck with my birthday in the past several years...so I am taking that day off from work and hoping to just kind of hide from the world, make some good food and celebrate with loved ones. Quiet, easy, fun. Maybe watch a movie.

Then there is Friday and Saturday we can still check out stuff. I want to take her to Shepherdstown at least one night :) And the Catina is on Tuesday :) After dinner :)

Western Maryland is such a different place from Southern California. I know it's a bit of a culture shock. And it's kinda neat to see someone else go through what I did when I first moved here. I mean, I lived in Southern CA for a good portion of my young life and was in South Florida for 10 years. It's just SO damn different!! Not bad, per se, but wow you gotta adjust! It's a different mentality, different perspective in a lot of ways...just because life is different - not that people don't do the same types of things like work, home life and everything else. It's just that here is so green, things are farther away from each other, the pace is different...among other things. It's actually hard for me to explain for some reason right now.

Oh and I ordered another cute ass hat the other day:

Can't wait until this one comes in :) I'm wearing a green knit beanie one today :) Looks very french, almost.

Ok, work is busy, shock. I need some more hot tea. Also: My period is thinking of starting, but it's just a minor thought at the moment. My lower back pain is starting though, which is always fun - not!

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