Poor bush

I am slowly clearing out the trees and bushes in my back yard...I want to have a garden there instead. ..so me and the Kid take out our stresses and also get in some exercise in doing so !


  1. I feel sorry for some of the plants in my parents' backyard. My parents are great respecters of animals but don't consider that plants are living entities that might actually suffer.

    1. I do think that plants that suffer (I think they can scream and we just can't hear it) but that won't stop me from getting the bushes and whatnot out of my yard...sad in some cases I suppose.

      This bush will probaby grow back easily (the previous owners stated you can cut it down to the buttom and it will grow back)...

      For me, I just need to change out some stuff in the yard because I want to put a garden in it next year