Thursday Thoughts

So I am sitting here thinking...and realize those thoughts just run run run away.


My period is starting to show itself, just a hint of it this morning. No wonder I've been craving chocolate and cookies and sex (sigh, I am really really missing sex right now). It will probably be a couple days before I get a full showing from Aunt Flo (the bitch) but at least it's basically staying on time.

Today, it's raining out and chilly. I love it. I wish I had a fireplace, that would be completely awesome. Maybe the next house. Or I can get a cabana and a fire pit or something. I love that smell of wood burning (safely) and gods, it's been centuries since I've actually MADE s'mores!

So instead I am drinking hot Chai tea, loaded up with sugar and creamer (the only way to drink it in my mind) and happily pretending I care 2 wits about work today.

Though I will say the rain makes my left knee hate me (stupid arthritis). And with my impending period, I'm really wanting to sleep (that is really, of course, a coma induced by chocolate, cookies and sex) and maybe actually read. I haven't read in days. DAYS. There is something seriously wrong with this picture! Last night, it was laundry and phone conversations (after chores and dinner). Both were needed and awesome, but I probably could have gone to sleep a tad bit earlier (love me some Jon Stewart!) and and and maybe I could have snuck in a half hour of reading. I could have!! Hmmm.

Tonight, I'm getting the Xmas totes down and going through those, so no reading tonight either for me. On the way home, I need to swing by the store and drop off some out going mail. And get a bottle of wine (ahem, it helps with the period and it tastes yummy).

Some big holidays are coming up. Thanksgiving, well that night I am flying to FLL to see my BFF and go on a cruise :) YES. No real plans for that day, at least none that involve much more than relaxing and double checking my bags!! The Kid will be with his Dad. One of my BFFs here is going to watch my house and kitties for me, which is awesome :)

Then there is Yule and Xmas. Yule, I have the kid and I am sure he will be ripping through his presents like a mad demon, which I will attempt to take pictures of. Christmas Eve and Christmas, shit I should look at the Calendar. I think I has him those days too, with the Ex getting him the day after and for a week. Which I think isn't that fair, he should get him one of those days as well...will talk to him again about that and see what he says.

Then it's New Years and I have got to think of something, DIFFERENT, to do this New Years. It's new in a lot of different ways and I want to remember it in a good way :)

I will have to ask my girlfriends and see what they have going on.

In other news, I doubt I will be painting this weekend! LOL
I need to get my ass in gear it seems.

Tomorrow night, it's THOR at the movies though = AWESOME

And my hair is starting to grow out! YES! I don't look so lesbian-ish (which is great if I was one, but I'm not and don't want to confuse people) and I need to Henna dye it again before my cruise!


  1. Do you eat dark chocolate or lighter chocolate? The media extolls the virtues of dark chocolate but I find that it is hard on mystomach if I consume more than maybe a small bite of it.

    1. Actually both. I tend to prefer milk chocolate though :) For me, dark cholocate has to be with something sweet...