A quick note...

I haven't been writing, mainly because I really need to put together a post about Puck. It's so hard writing that though that I am doing it in bits and pieces.

So, trying to focus on other things, I've decided to focus on those things that revolve around living things and growing things and things that don't make me cry.

So. Hmmm.

I am planting a garden this spring. I have some (organic, non-GMO) seeds already bought (and really not expensive at all). I am researching soils/organic fertilizers, how to compost (if I do that this year), how to save the seeds of the things I hope to produce for next year, how to turn my front porch into a herb heaven

Other things going on:
I am contemplating buying a pasta maker. Of course, it will probably be a year away from when I actually do, since I have too much stuff to get done first.

And you know what? I don't want to write because I don't want my Ex to read something I wrote/thought/whatever. I know that might sound bad, but honestly, I don't want him privy to my thoughts because I don't want him to derive some other thing out of it.


Not quite sure what to do or how much to care about it.

I think I need a moment.

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