Frigid Friday

I went to bed with a small headache and woke up with a Migraine. I fully blame this snow storm that came in yesterday and is still lingering. I took some meds this morning and let them kick in before I got out of bed. However, I've had a dull headache most of this morning. Whatever, it's not driving me crazy or to hide in some dark corner so it's ok. Now, I will probably go to bed early though as a result. I'm drinking water and yummy hot tea (it's Moringa tea) and trying to stay hydrated.

Ok, so funny thing just happened...one of my coworkers comes up to me and leans in and asks me "don't you get pissed off when you don't get any answers" and of course, I had just taken a bite of a donut hole (shush) and said with a mouth full of crumbs - "I don't give a shit" and he's like "what?" and so I swallow said crumbs and state "I don't give a shit". His face shows surprise and he laughs a little bit and says "Well, that explains a lot".

I did explain as he walked to his cube was that whatever happens, it's out of my control, so therefore I don't give a shit (and that's been my attitude about those types of things for the last several years). Because, really if the job changes and I don't like it, I will get another job. If the job doesn't change and others do, well, there you go. I am not unfamiliar with the company I have worked for changing policies to suit investors and executives that is not the best for it's employees. Either you deal or move on. So, it is what it is (and yes I know some hate that phrase). Getting angry over it isn't going to change what some person high up in the company is going to do.  It just gives you anxiety and unhappy thoughts and well, who really needs that shit?

Anyways, so another coworker is eating, either nuts or carrots, loudly. Can I smack them? No? Well, damn.

It is damn cold outside. This morning, it said it was 10 degrees but felt like -7. Good times! Right now, it's 16 degrees but feels like 5. Suffice it to it's fucking frigid outside.

Here's my tree in the back yard (wait, am I getting rid of this one? I am not sure yet) from last night. Snow was still falling but I thought it was pretty :)

And here are my new boots (ignore the laundry I was folding there in the background). I got these at Dick's Sporting Goods store. Now, the thing I didn't like about Dick's ? It had no one really "working" there. Sure they have some college age kids who were doing things, but I didn't feel like there was an "adult" with knowledge should I have questions. These boots, I was lucky. I had asked to look at 2 pairs, this one was the only one left AND the only size was size 9. I was lucky that they fit and look cute :) I searched on line, JC Penny's, Kohl's and a couple others. Dick's had seemed to have good prices and boots. I guess I should not have waited until the 2nd snow storm to hit before thinking about getting winter boots! But it all worked out :D

Tomorrow I'm getting the legs waxed. Sunday we head out to Great Wolf Lodge, which is an inside water park :) It's just a hair shy over 3 hours away and I think we're going to have a great time there! I did get a 1 piece bathing suit as I didn't want to scare any kids!! I am being sorta sarcastic...I just don't think I want to swim around in a string bikini top that might come undone while on some of those rides!!

I was able to ask the kid how his day went yesterday, 1st day back after winter break. He went through each of his classes and nothing happened to - him - specifically. He knew some other kids that got into trouble and he seemed to take that as HE had a bad day. I talked to him and repeated, true it's sad for them that they got into trouble, but YOU didn't and didn't have any problems. And his one positive thing for yesterday was the snow :) It's a start!! I am looking for a therapist for him, someone to talk to. Of course, school was closed today.

I need to get my hair cut. Not this weekend, I will see if I can schedule an appointment for next weekend. I don't want to grow it out yet, I still have this need to keep it short, especially the back for some reason. I don't know why, but there you go. Maybe I will grow it out more next winter. Will see!

I could use a nap right now.

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