Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday, I feel like it should be Friday. My whole week has been all screwy this way. No idea why my internal clock is on fast forward. But there you go.

So I was able to finally clean the bathrooms, I have no idea why that was annoying me, but it was! Also, my frozen kitchen pipe is no longer frozen and back to normal :) Yay! We still ate out last night though!

With a clean bathtub, I might just set myself a nice hot soak :)

Tonight, I will figure out something for dinner and then hang with the kid for a little bit. Then it will be time to re-organize my closets - I wonder if the Kid will help with that??? I might get rid of some of my shoes that I am not wearing (nor see me wearing in the future). What's kinda weird, maybe?, is that my shoe size is about 1/2 size smaller now. I used to wear 9 1/2 to 10's, but lately I've been wearing 9's. I think it's another effect from losing weight. (and get this, I SWEAR my calves seem a wee bit smaller!) And speaking of weight, this morning I was like 216 (I am *assuming* this is due to my period) but my clothes still fit normal as does my jewelry. Usually when I gain weight, my rings shift back to previous fingers. Right now, that isn't happening. So I am sticking with the bloated issues going on with my period. I've started taking vitamins and supplements this week, that's really the only difference. I am drinking more water today to see if that helps my body get re-aligned again.

Tai Chi? What is this Tai Chi you speak of? Ok, I will get off my ass and see if I can throw that into the mix as well!! Sleep though?? who needs sleep?? Bwahahahahaha.

Not too much going on. I think it's lunch time though. Hmmm. I wish I had a place to nap. Or walk. Either would be awesome right now. I think I'm going to go do some push ups against the wall instead.

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