Well - damn

Nope, didn't do the Tai Chi. I suck. I know. It might have to wait until I can think of moving my ass off the couch and not just to get a drink or something.

I did do laundry though! That should count for something ?? Maybe ??

I have to, HAVE TO, clean my bathrooms tonight. Because, yeah...just yeah...

This morning was COLD. School was not closed or delayed though. I told the Kid that if it was too cold, to come back inside and get me and I would take him to school. But he never did, so I guess he could handle being bundled up in the 7 degree weather for a few minutes while waiting for the bus. I wonder if that will ever turn into one of those stories " When I was your age, I had to wait for the school bus when it was 4 degrees outside, and it felt like -8!" type of thing.

Also, it seems that one of the pipes that brings water into my kitchen sink is frozen. I've opened the cabinets and have the faucet opened a little bit, hoping that it will thaw on it's own since it's starting to warm up. I spoke to the facilities guy at work and my guy, and both said that you can get that electrical heating tape and use that to warm up your pipes. Who knew!! Next time it gets FUCK ME COLD outside I will be better prepared.

Suffice it to say I will be ordering chinese tonight I think.

I worked on my puzzle a little bit. Watched a movie with the Kid :) It was Titan A.E. It had been a while since we saw that one!! I offered to make popcorn, but he said it would take too long. I need to go grocery shopping this week it seems!

Oh dear gods, my coworker is eating nuts again. Ugh. Argh!! :P~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am going to go hide somewhere and pretend I have a reason for doing that. Good gods...

I also need to read a book, and set up my Goodreads goals for this year. I have been really bad about that lately. I've just been busy, and happy, and life is taking more time now than it did in the past. Granted, a part is being single mom and doing stuff around the house, and of course spending time with loved ones and vacations and just LIFE. It's another Who Knew moment for me :)

Hiding now. Shhhhh....

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