No "2nd Chance" For You

Ok, so get this.

Last night, while at my son's concert, this guy starts flirting with me.  And yeah, I get it - he thought I was "beautiful" (why I have issues with this word, I don't know) and I have beautiful eyes and blah blah blah.

I told him I have a boyfriend.

That did not deter him.

I told him I am very very happy with my boyfriend.

He asks me if he kissed me, and no one was around, what I would do.

I told him, not kiss him. Because, you know, I have a boyfriend.

I mean, seriously, I tell you to back it off, nicely (because, you know, we're at our kids concert!!)

He wants me to take his number, I said fine, you put it in my phone. He does, he lists it as "2nd Chance"

Ok then. Yes, I deleted it. Yes, I told my boyfriend about it.

No. I don't want a "2nd chance" with someone I don't know, who made a couple unnecessary comments (what is it with guys that seem to think they can make a woman "squirt" is some kind of acceptable pick up line, I have no idea)

Oh but I think my favorite was him talking about his relationship with God and how he's working on that.

My response? Why do you need to work on that? You have a relationship there, if that's what you believe in. You should be focusing on the relationships you have with your kid(s) and people here, because *that* is what effects you, them, their friends, their families, etc. I mean, if you (anyone) makes life better, it's going to put that ripple out there. Isn't that important??

OK, I get somethings. I get that I like to talk to people, that I am pretty much an open book and can/will talk about things in life that maybe other people are not as comfortable with. But I'm not sure how that translates and attracts guys to just hit on me, in the middle of the concert. Yes, I do smile and I am nice and all that. Still...

Anyways - I am super happy in my current relationship. I am not looking to change that. He's pretty damn awesome.

Moving on now...

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