Date has been set and other pieces of things

So I received in this week a notice of hearing for the Divorce. July 28th. When I got this in, I had such mixed emotions cascading through me. I was/am elated and at the same time it just all comes crashing down into that invisible vortex of failure and pain.

And when you're now a single mom with (now) 2 kids and a house and 3 cats and a yard and work and just staying on top of everything, it's just hard. Some days, it's all I can do is some chores and take a long shower to cry in. Other days, I'm like a fucking bull dozer clearing a path.

Put it this way, I used to read daily. I was averaging 4-5 books a week. Now? Ha, I haven't ready anything since my vacation in early December. My awesome nephew loves to read though. He asked if we can have a "reading night" like we have Movie Night. I am totally on board with that. Granted, I still have to get some chores done, but it will be nice to have time set aside where we can just chill, no TV or games or PC's and just read. Right now it's set for Thursdays, which means half the time my Kid won't be there, but we will figure out how it all works eventually.

I have definitely learned to just take my time getting things accomplished without feeling like a complete and utter failure.

I have been walking a lot more. I take a .55 walk twice a day at work (helps a lot with me quitting smoking!!!) and I have noticed that I'm getting leaner :) My weight still fluctuates a little bit, but it's down to 211 and it usually settles back down to that. I want to get my walks under 20 minutes (21 minutes right now) and lost another 10 lbs in the next couple of months (hahahahahaha) but who knows. It seems yard work is amazing for anger, frustrations and losing weight! Who knew!

See, I sorta dug up 3 of the tree/bush things that I whacked apart in early Winter :)

One of them, when I pulled it out of the ground, it's root was over 2 feet long! I have a few more to get out, as well as some others in the yard. Also: I now like mowing the lawn. I am so weird!! But there you go.

There is a ton of things going on, things I want to write about and hopefully I will start to get a few more written more often!

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