Decisions about Money

I've been looking at my budget and credit cards and one of my goals this year is to really get my 1 credit card as close to paid off as possible. Don't get me wrong, if there is a decent balance then there is, I am just really hoping to get things into a better spot.

I do know that getting my shower fixed is basically going to whack that hard, but whatever.

So whatever taxes I get back on going to pay off a portion of my credit card.

I really really really want to stop eating out as much as possible (last week was hard, due to burst pipes, so there is always exceptions). I just need to kick myself in the ass a little bit more and get a cracking at cooking and baking. I know that this spring/summer will be harder, but oh well. It can be hard to say no to my Kid with that, I mean, pizza out every once in a while or chinese ordered in? It just adds up :( Plus he's had a friend spend the night a couple times and who knew that boys eat that much! Oh and speaking of that, my freaking grocery bill is going a wee bit whacky. I have a feeling my kid is gonna is another growth spurt because his stomach is not getting bigger and he's eating a lot more it seems.

I was using the excuse of my classes for some of this, just not having as much time. Well, fuck that. If I end up staying up later then so be it. That is life it seems! I like cooking too, so it's not a hard leap here lol. Dishes are a pain, well, especially with the burst pipes and cold weather.

It won't hurt us to get outside and do things, pack a lunch or picnic, ya know? Once it's warmer at least :) And it won't hurt to eat a little bit less either.

And it's not going to be never eating out again. I just want it more limited for a while. It should be a treat, not a habit for us.

Well, it's a start at least :)

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