Stupid Pipes Part 2.04

So. My coworker and friend was able to get the 2 (yes, 2) pipes fixed - with a couple minor issues

The hot water pipe has a drip because I don't have wrenches and we need one to tighten that. Easy fix and I was able to use my hot water to do ALL the damn dishes that were dirty. Which was a lot.

The cold water pipe would have been perfect, except we forgot to glue 1 of the pipes together. Oppsie. We are gonna get that sucker fixed tomorrow.

The reason for the burst pipes? There is no insulation beneath the flooring of the sink going to the cellar. It's hard to explain, it's about a 3" or so space - I've attempted to draw it as thus:

Space below your sink that you store things, like dishwasher soap, etc. - Some Obvious pipes (BURST)
------------Floor below sink---------------------
          ++++more pipes++++
-------------House base flooring-----------------
Some insulation and some pipes
~~~~~~~~~~~Cellar area~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hope that sorta makes sense??

So we ripped out a portion of the floor below the sink to get to the pipes. It was not a straight shot to the cellar for the water pipes, kinda weird but there you go. Lowe's has been my friend these last couple of days. I have some stuff to return and more things to buy. Shocking, NOT. LMFAO :)

Real pictures are below.

I learned quite a bit. I feel much more confident in several things, understanding being the biggest one. My friend made it look easy. I mean, damn.

It was very awesome that my boyfriend put in those pipe shut offs on the pipes last night. It has really helped!

So, no need for a plumber. Clean up, insulation to put in and fix the flooring, but that can be done when it's not 5 degrees outside.

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