Coffee is Divine

Ok, so I could not exist without coffee, in some form or fashion, in the morning. I just couldn't. It's not ALL about the caffeine, though that really helps. It's about the yummy taste and warmth. The creamy goodness and sometimes (only with Dunkin' Donuts coffee), that sweet sugary taste.

Insurance - it's really a pain in the ass. Right now, trying to figure out which is best for the Kid, mine or the Ex's. It's almost like comparing apples to pears. Similar, but slightly different verbiage and rates and vagueness. The joys - NOT.

I did not get a whole lot done last night. I really really wasn't in the mood. Tonight, however, I will be a cleaning Mama with a mission.

So, the Great Cell Search of 2013 is still in effect. Sometime during the weekend, more than likely at some point on Sunday, the Kid misplaced his phone. He didn't realize it until Monday and since he was off on Monday and Tuesday, I had asked him to look. Now, him "looking" probably wasn't that intense. So last night I helped him, especially since I had thought I heard it dying Monday night as I was going to bed. Well, that fucker isn't in my room. Nor my bathroom. If it's in the office, gods only know if we will find it.

Part of tonights mission, while cleaning the house, is see if we can locate his damned to Hades cell phone.

On the agenda:
  • Sweeping (SHOCK! Who knew!!)
  • Vacuum and scrub the rugs
  •  Vacuum upstairs
  • Move things not using from office & hallway to Attic
  • Go through the piles of paper in the kitchen, dining room and sort/set on pile to file (damn it, at some point in this life I WILL FILE!!)
  • Dishes
  • 1 load of laundry
And that's really enough for one night. Jeez. Though I might try to go ahead and replace the screen on my old phone...

I have been slowly, very slowly, starting to read again. Without smoking.

Oh and yeah it's been like 5 weeks, still no wanting/craving/needing of cigarettes. Wow. All I can say is WOW. I mean, damn. Wow.

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