Exhaustive but wonderful Weekend

Can you believe it's already Tuesday??

Friday night was the football game, and I think my ass is still thawing out! I was a chaperon and it wasn't that exciting. But it totally brought back memories of HS Band!! I did take a lot of pictures of the band though. I need to download those and send them to the band director.

We got home kinda late, my brain was friend and the Kids more so.

Saturday, go up late, made pancakes and eggs, cleaned a little bit and then that afternoon was back at the school for the Mummers Parade. Which was a lot of fun and boredom at the same time. Once I dropped him off, I went and parked at the library and just hung out, waiting, for others to show up and the parade to start. Oh and yeah, the Kid ate something like 20 of the pancakes!! Talk about prepping for a long day!

And it was cool watching the parade!

After seeing the Kids band go by, it was time to get something to eat, since I was starving!! So we got Chinese. We were just leaving when the Kid called and said he was back early. We swung by and got him and headed home.

Sunday, the kids slept in late. I mean, it was close to 1 pm by the time the Kid was sorta up. And he said he wasn't hungry, which I think is BS especially considering how much he ate the day before! But damn it, he wanted pumpkin pie it seems. So we head out, go to a corn maze and have a lot of fun :) I take more pictures and we meander our way back home with a couple stops along the way. One being dinner, where he ate literally 3 hamburgers and 1 hotdog. OMG, seriously, that's a growth spurt in the making I think. We also did some grocery shopping on the way home. And it was laundry Sunday and Monday night. And sweeping and dishes and it never, ever, fucking ends! The cleaning!! I like a lot of it to be honest. I just wish it wasn't every single time I turned around!!

In other news: The gas company has been doing construction around my neighborhood and it seems that my house is on their list. So Thursday they will be replacing the pipe line and meter. The guy said it should only take the 1 day. He had a lot of piercings, which was cool. I don't know about replacing gas lines, but as long as everything is safe, and my house isn't destroyed, I'm good with it.

I've been feeding a stray cat. Last night, I think he wanted to come in. Now, I don't mind feeding him, but he's not coming in with his fleas and gods only know what else. Plus, I have my hands full with 4 cats, 2 of whom are sick and 1 will probably end up on a slow downward spiral :( Poor Puck. I've been giving him the antibiotics, which he does not seem to appreciate. And that shit was expensive. Oh, that was another thing I had picked up Saturday morning! See, busy fucking weekend!!

Ok, so stray cat...I put out a towel but I was told that probably won't help, because a 32 degree towel is about the same as 32 degree floor. Good point. So, I will just be washing that and figuring something else out. It was also suggested that a light bulb does put off heat, and that might be a good idea. I like it :) Sometimes even 10 degrees can mean life. Now, if there is some major snow storm or something, I guess I could open the cellar and keep the light on or something. With food and water. I don't know...too much to deal with.

This weekend, I am hoping to paint the office and get a curtain up in that window. I am also seriously considering swapping out the hardware for the curtains in some of the rooms too. I think I will need help with that. I also want to at least see about getting the paint for my room as well. I've sorta decided on a color, if I can match it somehow at Home Depot (I have this beautiful blue moonstone ring, LOVE the blue). I am going to the movies Friday night :) Which is quite exciting!!

Hmmm, I really this this weekend is about getting more of the house done and in order. A good feeling, especially if I can get this accomplished before my vacation. Oh and I think I've gotten everything for the vacation (at least clothes wise) which is a relief.

Ok, time to sign off and go search for the Kids cell phone. Will explain that one later!!


  1. No kidding busy weekend! (And I soooo hear you about having cleaning to do every time you turn around...)

    I'm so sorry to hear about Puck being sick. :( That's never easy. And it's never easy deciding what's best for them and your family, either. *Many hugs*

    1. Yes, thankfully that doesn't happen a whole lot (the whole busy weekend thing!) because otherwise, I don't know if I would be able to sleep!!

      And yes, I must sweep daily, because damn.

      Me too :( He's 12, but I thought he wouldn't have issues (hoping at least) for a couple more years...

      Thank you!