Freaky Friday

Halloween - I had me some trick or treaters! I must say, this is the first year, like EVER, that I have RUN OUT OF CANDY!! And it was only about an hour into it! OMFG. And and and! The kids were nice and polite and their parents were with them and my neighborhood ROCKED it last night!


Whew. It was just awesome. AWESOME!!!

I started watching a movie, but got tired and had to record it. I will finish watching it at some point. Maybe Saturday night. Because - tonight - I has a date :) Going to the movies - and it's been forever since I've done that (let alone at night!!) so I am really excited!!

I do have some errands and things to do this weekend...

I need to take back some of the clothes I got in from JC Penny. One dress I am going to give to one of my bff's though, hoping she can wear it this coming summer. That one was ordered off of Amazon, and I am not shipping anything to China, sorry. Besides, the 2 things I got from China were cheap enough I can either give away or see if I can re-sell on eBay or Amazon or something.

I need to vacuum upstairs, since that's the only thing I haven't done. Oh and then organize my office and FILE THE DAMN PAPERWORK I have sitting out. Ahem. I'm a tad bit annoyed at myself over that.

Take back the books I'm not reading to the library. May as well...

Oh and maybe paint. I don't know...I am feeling pretty tired today. Pret-ty tired. I think I might sleep in on Saturday, make breakfast for lunch and then take a nap. Sounds like a good plan to me!!

So, it seems that my screen on my old phone needs to super damned small screw driver to take the screws out. Annoying. I need to now order that. But! Oh!! The Kid's cell phone has been found! So the Great Cell Search of 2013 was a success :)

Ok, time to go clean up some shelves at work. Good times. Sure....

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