Freaky Friday's Thoughts....which are not that exciting...unless you count Sugar Walls

Yesterday, work kicked-my-ass. I barely sat down. A good thing, in some ways. Annoying in others. I has things to do!! So lunch time was taken up with Band Booster stuff, which it will again today.

I had a band boosters meeting last night, I got there early as I had more stuff to catch up on. I brought the kids laptop so I could work on things. It turns out that was REALLY helpful, because during the meeting I was able to get a lot of stuff done too.

PMS has only made a wee bit cranky, nothing bitch quality yet. But I've noticed my temper at work need to be reigned in more. Bloated/water weight has added a few pounds, which I hate but at least know it will go away. And still not smoking too. Weird. Very very weird. I am, of course, not reading as much, which is even more weird. I have a couple books I do want to finish, maybe I will get some time soon??? Maybe not! Too much stuff going on! :) Tonight, it's laundry, vacuuming and straightening up - no real big stuff. Tomorrow, my sister gets here!!! Yay!!! SO EXCITED!!!

Watched some TV last night, got distracted and finally went to bed. Even though I went to bed at a decent hour (hey, it was before 11 pm!!) I could NOT sleep. Thoughts just kept churning over and over at me.

Ok, so I woke up at like 5 am for some strange reason this morning. After falling back asleep though, I dreamed of sex. Like major-ly yummy hot sex. See, with PMS - the week before my period - my libido seems to go into over drive. And the books I am reading right now aren't exactly helping with that. So. Yes, dream sex. And for some reason during this dreamy sex marathon in my head, I hear Sheena Easton's song - Sugar Walls. Now, talk about a flash back! I remember when this was on the radio. Ahem. Loved it then, didn't quite understand it as I do now!! So. There you go

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