A little bit of Monday Madness

It was a busy and not busy weekend. I did not paint the office. Perhaps this weekend.

I wrote out my To Do List, and for once, it doesn't seem like it's TOO much. I mean, I can't really remember the last time I felt that way about things that need to be done. I think part of that is I've finally *almost* gotten to the point where I don't worry if something has to wait to get done (ahem, dishes anyone??). Because letting something wait a few hours or a day, it's really not going to end the world. I am not having panic or anxiety as much over them. Still a little bit, like this worry that keeps nagging at me, nagging at me, nagging until I tell it to chill. Sometimes it does and other times it just gets louder.

Saturday, I slept in a little bit. Made eggs, bacon and coffee. And cinnamon rolls. I was feeling in the mood, even without the kid there (which is always, always hard for me). So I probably over did it. I was using a new cast iron skillet for the bacon. Well...I think next time it would be smarter to cut the bacon in half and do it that way, so that ends get more cooked!!

I did a load of laundry. Hmmm...went to the library and dropped off my books that I'm not reading. Then headed over to the new age store across the street. Where a rather large quartz point let me know that I needed to take it home with me. Well, ok then.

Saturday night, hmmm, I am sure there was dinner involved and part of a scary movie that I saved for later and I think the cats tormenting me and sleep.

Sunday, I hung out with a friend and worked on a puzzle and watched a football game. Last night, it was cleaning and getting the dishes done and I had thought about laundry. I did, I thought for several seconds about doing laundry. Then decided Monday night would be better served for that.

Also, the Kid came home with some serious attitude. Bad attitude. Oh the joys of that. Hopefully he will have chilled out a little bit otherwise I'm in for having another talk with him today about that crap.

Now, tonight, before laundry, I have a few things to take back to JC Penny and Kohl's. I will attempt to get the Kid a belt again. I tried the last time we were out shopping and he refused to try any of them on. Very frustrating when his pants are loose on him and he's whining about the belt his Dad got him has too big of a buckle and that it hurts his stomach when he sits. Ugh, Kid - why pick that one out then!!?? I mean...really.

Anyway, so shopping and Pet store and home to do laundry. Exciting night!! I am liking the calmness of it all though. I am really looking forward to winter being here too...

Work is busy. Tomorrow it will be more so. Which is nice and good and I like :)

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