Dental Insurance Annoyances & Hi!!

So, with me going onto my company's dental insurance, the dentist I've been going to for years is not "in-network" but they do take it as out of network. Which, of course, is much more expensive to me. Which means I will be finding a new dentist, which just fucking sucks. Which Which Which, wow, write that work much do I???

The good news, is that the kid's orthodontist is in-network.

But still, HUGE annoyance to me! Because, I really really have liked this dentist and they've done good work! UGH.

So I didn't make it to the movies last Friday night. Just went out to dinner. We went to House of Kobi, which (ahem, that damned word again) was pretty packed. I think I was just sorta peopled out - you know? I just wanted a more quiet place to relax and not dealing with more people and/or crowds.

This Friday, taking the Kid to see Thor in the movie theatre though!! Will have to check out times and which place to take him soon.

I am also pulling down the holiday boxes so they can be split/sorted with the Ex. And the same with the DVD/Blu-ray movies at the house. Good times. Sigh...

Oh and I'm starting to PMS, because life is like that. So. Yes. That.

Other than that stuff though, life is going pretty good. Work is good, the house is always in need of cleaning or laundry doing or something, but that's all normal stuff and good. I'm feeding a stray cat, pushing meds down 2 cats throats twice a day and dealing with angst-y preteen. But honestly? I am just so happy, it's all ok :)

I am soooo looking forward to my cruise! I am getting really excited :) I am pretty sure I have all my clothes, though I should probably check that out and see...and I think I might need more shoes....I don't know. Maybe.

I do know that I am getting waxed on Saturday, Brazilian and under arms (never done those before, which will make it interesting if anything). Then I will see about scheduling another session for my legs right before I leave.

I need a nap. Hmmm, maybe I will see about attempting to go to bed early tonight.

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