Bullies Suck

I am not 100% sure if I had posted this before, but my Kid was attacked while at school and beat up by another kid. It was all caught on video at the school.

The bad kid went to the detention center, waiting trial for this and 4 other cases. He plead out and 3 of the cases were dropped. Not my kids nor one for burglary.

I just got notification in the mail yesterday that this kid won't be going to juvie. He's on probation, has a 7 pm curfew, must write an apology letter, must attention classes on bullying (aka how not to be a mean asshole) and attend counseling.



With this in mind, I am getting a surveillance system for the front/back yard. I really don't think something WILL happen. I want it in case something does. If I have to get a restraining order against someone because they are causing issues, I will. Period. I don't care who it is. This kid is 13 years old and has a rap sheet pages long. Wow. I do feel bad for this kid, because, DAMN at 13 years old he has a rap sheet!! That's just wrong. Where the fuck were/are his parents and family??? His 11 year old brother was in the detention center as well, so it's not just a 1 off situation. Ugh. People, if you are going to reproduce, RAISE YOUR CHILDREN to be good people!!

Bullies suck.

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