Open and Honest

Let's have some open and honest communication shall we?

First things first! I am super excited to be going on a vacation with my BFF. On a cruise no less. Now, those of you that know me really well, know that I have this deep seeded fear of the ocean. Not so much drowning or anything like that. It's just that, to me, the ocean is this very incredibly powerful entity that if she got pissed off enough, she would basically burp and the US is the new Atlantis. That's all. Respect the ocean people!!!

So, I've never been one who wanted to willingly place my body on the ocean for any sort of journey. Because it would sort of be like tempting fate.

However, with the end of my marriage and life's upheavals, I decided (ok ok, I said FUCK IT!) that I need to face and (hopefully) conquer this fear. Of course, the timing was serendipitous because my BFF had contacted me about going on a cruise with her. Hmmm, now what would prompt someone who knows of this fear to ask me about a cruise? Well, I will call it Fate or intuition or something, because it's probably the most perfect thing ever.

Part of that awesomeness is that I've never ever been outside the US (tragic, I know) and now - well now I get to go 4 different ones! WOOT!!

Seriously, fucking excited and just a tad bit scared.

I am going to miss my kid though. Like, seriously miss him. Of course, he will be with his Dad for a portion of it and staying at home with another BFF who's watching my house. But still. I always have a really hard time when he's not home.

Open and honest - hmmm what else.

Well, some things just aren't anyone's business unless I include them in it. What does that mean, you might wonder? Oh, I don't know...my friends know what's going on with me. So does my family. Basically the ones that I care about and that care about me. Of course, I am a bit behind on catching some friends and family up on life. But that's normal. It would be too exhausting to keep everyone in the exact same loop! Not to mention they have their own life and issues going on. But I should try to schedule a girls night soon though. Which will probably happen AFTER the holidays are over!!

No, I don't go posting crazy shit on for status updates on facebook or anything like that. I haven't even had time to blog a whole lot lately (laundry anyone??) but I'm hoping that after the holiday season is over, things calm down again and life moves forward and things are good. I am really looking forward to that...

Weight is staying about the same. I've started walking at work though. I should probably stop getting breakfast from Dunkin' donuts if I really want to be better about my eating habits. Yes, well...it's the fucking holiday season so whatever!! And when winter really hits, not sure what I will do. Oh wait, you know inventory my ass off! LOL

The Kid

Let's see - He's a preteen, hormones are starting to get to him a bit. School life is rough in 7th grade...there seems to be a lot of fighting, arrests and bullying going on. Never easy that. He's doing good in his classes though. He has a couple good friends. I know he wishes he had more and/or that there were less assholes in his classes. I think we all wish there were less assholes in the world though. He plays a lot of video games, I think as do most boys his age. He's starting to exercise more though, which is always a good thing. He has such a big heart. He loves band. Loves it. Says he wants to do it in HS. Wow. Who knew!!! I'm so happy he's happy with it :)

He's been having it rough lately. With the divorce and issues with just everything going on, it's not easy. Plus, he usually takes a little time to digest it before he can talk about it. It's something I am keeping a very close eye on. Last night he was a bit of a wreck. I got a call from the school nurse saying he had a headache yesterday morning. I talked to him and honestly, he sounded very stressed out. I went and picked him and took him home. Had a good talk with him. He was upset and worried and just stressed out from everything. He needed a day away from school and some time to decompress. He freaked out because he didn't get something completed that he had wanted to. I told him not to worry, that he can complete it later and everything will work out fine. He was on the verge on tears, but after hearing that and knowing it was ok, he was a lot better.

I think he needs to upcoming holiday break and then winter break more than anything. Winter break will be nice, easy and relaxing :) Plus he gets presents, and that will be a nice distraction :)

We're going to the movies this Friday. I'm trying to get him out of the house a bit more, hanging with friends or just doing stuff together. Maybe we will go to the park and check out the skate part of it. Or just walk it.

Holiday Projects

I am thinking of going to Michael's this weekend to see about getting some supplies to make a wreathe and maybe some cute but easy ornaments for me and the Kid to do. I also want to go to Pier 1 to see if they have some cool ornaments :)

Ok, time to take my spayed kitty to the vet, it seems she's in heat. Yeah, that makes sense right!! Ugh!!

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