It's a busy time of year

So. Crazy fucking busy lately.

I had CPR training today, which was actually pretty cool. I like knowing how to help someone. There were several very funny moments. One of them was when the instructor told us to pair up, 1 person to do CPR and the other to handle the AED. I was the one to do the AED (we switched after so we both get to do the exercise) and at one point the instructor said to run to where our AED is located, tap it and come back so we can get the training one. It was to show more of a real life situation. I was the *only* one who actually RAN to the damn thing and back! I mean, wow. I know it's just a training class and whatnot, but isn't the purpose to actually DO it as if it was an emergency ? I don't know, maybe it's just me?

Did I  mention my spayed kitty being in heat? Briefly I suppose. So, yesterday I basically spent the afternoon running home, got the cat, went to the vet, paid money for them to tell me they are taking blood and sending it out to see if there are hormones in it. Running back home, dropped her off and heading back to work. It was a long lunch. I made up for it today though. Anyway, I will hopefully know by Friday. If so, I will be calling the Humane Society to see if they can help pay for the cost. Because, baby kitty in heat? Not so much fun.

This weekend, I have laundry, packing and cleaning (yes, this includes filing) to get done. Movies on Friday night, dying my hair on Saturday morning, wax job on Saturday afternoon. Way too much to get done!

I would like to get out the Christmas (aka Yule) tree on Sunday and see if it needs more ornaments or anything.

Tomorrow, its the pet store, this cool artsy type store and maybe Michael's. I am not sure about Michael's, my brain might be melting from my head at that point. I want to see about doing some crafty stuff for the holidays for the house. Did I already mention that? Sheesh, see - brain melting!! Oh and I have to do a deposit for the band AND I am helping them with a bit of the fundraiser tomorrow after work.

Busy fucking week!

But next week?? Next week, I fly my fine ass out to Florida and then head out on my cruise vacation. Gods, I have no idea how I am going to handle it. Being away from the kid, cats and loved ones... and just, well, everything. Plus, I have no idea how I will react being on a freaking ship!! I'm getting more and more nervous and excited!! I will probably get the WiFi, oh that reminds me, I need to see if my cell company has a plan for when I am in port! That would be helpful :) Plus I have to let my credit card companies know I will be out of the country :)

I still can't believe I am going out of the country. I mean...just, wow. Wow.

And then I will be back home, hugging my kid and cats and sleeping in my bed and feeling my blankets cocooning me. And being happy. Hopefully a little bit tanner, with some awesome pictures, stories and things for my loved ones.

Ok, I'm tapped out now.

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