Monday Madness!

I am feeling a lot better. I woke up today and just felt like "normal" with some added things of mucus escaping my body and not breathing easily, but other than that - I feel good!!

So yesterday, I woke up and my left eye is all scary red and bloodshot and had pus coming out. The right side of my face hurt so bad I wanted to cry, silently (because crying would have made it worse). I immediately did my Neti Pot to rinse out my sinuses, threw on some clothes and made sure I could move my car from the snow the previous day. Then I took my poor mucus stuffed head to Urgent Care and was told that I have Acute Sinusitis and Acute Bronchitis. They tested me for strep, but I could tell it wasn't that and looky I was right. So, I got me some antibiotics and then picked up a kick ass decongestant and am finally starting to feel like me again. I rested a lot yesterday, though I did get some laundry done and cleaned the floors downstairs. I did this a little bit at a time and just rested on the couch for the remainder.

We watched a lot of TV too. I tried to convince the Kid to go outside and play in the snow but he just looked at me all horrified that I would even suggest such a cold thing. Of course, last night we did head out briefly to look at some very beautiful Christmas lights in a town 10 minutes away and then he was all about playing in the snow. I'm like "See! I told you, you would have fun!" and he was all "I didn't know it was like this outside!" and I'm like "Duh! Which is why I said to go outside!!" and then we just laughed at each other because it was all kinds of silliness :)

Granted, I can still barely talk, though some might think that's a good thing! LOL. And my nose is all raw from blowing it. But my throat is not as sore! And I feel like I can think a bit more clearly now too :) Yay ! I think that by the end of this week I should almost 100% again, which is good since Yule is on Saturday :)

I also got all the Kids presents wrapped and under the tree. I have a few more for others to get done though, hopefully this week :)

This is going to be a busy week! Because, yeah - We have plans to see more Christmas lights, got to buy some winter boots for me and the Kid, get the oil changed in my car, Yule, and I have a company thing on Saturday night too. Then next week is Christmas. Since the Kid is now more firmly - there is NO Santa - well, then he only gets to open his stocking on Christmas. I will still make some kind of awesome breakfast though :) And I am planning on taking him to the movies :) I thinking it's going to be a new tradition - Stocking, Breakfast, Movies. Of course, this will change every other year since he will be with his Dad on those years. Those years, I think I might still stick with that Breakfast and Movies parts :)

I am looking forward to getting better, having fun this month and seeing what the New Year brings in :D Life is good :) Especially when you're happy :) And it's much MORE to be happy than not! Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this - that it's all good and life moves on and why not be happy :)

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