Tired Tuesday

I took the kid last night to get some boots for Winter. He cracks me up. First place we went to really didn't have a big selection and the one he might have considered they didn't have his size. But he did see a pair of Nike's that he REALLY wants. I may get those for him for Xmas - talk about a surprise that would be :)

Went to JC Penny and found him a pair of boots he was happy with. Granted they were slightly expensive, $70, but that's not THAT bad to be honest. And he's grown SO MUCH since last year. And that's pretty close to what his normal shoes cost, so I'm not arguing :)

Now, of course, I need to get me a pair as well :) Thankfully my feet won't be growing like his will!! Mine will usually last me 2-3 years.

Hmmm, what else. Oh oh I know!! I weighed myself this morning and I am 210.8 - so I lost 2 lbs since yesterday (don't ask, I have no freaking idea) and I was like - YES I AM WEARING MY SIZE 12's today!!! Bwahahahaha. And IF this stays off and goes down even a lbs or 2 more, then I am buying myself some size 12 jeans instead of 14's. I was going to get some more jeans anyways, now though, I'm all like SCORE. Because, they fit and are not too tight and just WOW. Love this!

I woke up at 4 am, after having some - ahem - interesting dreams, all in the mood. You know, The Mood. WTH ? I mean, it's all good and everything, but I had a hard time falling back asleep after that. Of course, I did - right before my alarm went off.  This turned into sleeping past said alarm and being *slightly* late to work, which thankfully is not an issue. Also, there was snow falling this morning :) So pretty!

My Demon Eye is starting to go away. This is what I am calling my bloodshot eye from the mucus tormenting it. Oh the joys! 1 eye is totally red and bloodshot and the other is fine. It's so weird. Just weird. But in a way, cool. I know, I know - I'm *weird* that way!!!

Hmmm, oh I really need to get my holiday cards in the mail. I plan on doing that tomorrow. I need to make sure I have everyone's address though!

I am sure I have other thoughts. They are evading me at the moment. I am still awash in the glow of size 12 jeans that fit well :)

Oh I know!! I also remembered at 4 something this morning, that I had more presents for the Kid. I even double checked my Amazon and yep, I didn't wrap those. Now, if I can just remember where the fuck I put them, that would be AWESOME. So, I will be searching the house tonight for them!! LOL.

And onto another busy day at work :D

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