Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday and I still have a lot to do.

However, GOOD NEWS is that I really can wear size 12 jeans comfortably. That is such a HUGE win for me :) I bought 2 pairs of jeans last night :) I looked for some winter boots but had no luck at Kohl's. But seriously, size 12? And comfortable? And inching my way down to another size? During the holiday season? Seriously?? WOW.

The kid is having issues in his math class. It sucks. It's a little bit of everything and somethings more than others.

Work is awesome, and once I am actually over being sick, I will be happier doing it I think!!

I have to gather and wrap 1 more present and then I think I'm basically done. Ok, make that 2. The Kid will be pretty sorta spoiled. The reason I say SORTA is because he's not getting a ton of video game stuff. He's getting things that a tad bit more hands on. Of course, he's getting SOME video game stuff, just not like a new system and all that jazz that you hear a lot of others getting. I think for his BDAY though, it will be a something on 2 wheels. He is changing so much though, it's hard to say!!

What else...what else...hmmm...I'm excited about losing more weight...that thought has been on my mind since I hit 210 lbs. Just another 25 to go!! Woot!! I had been at 211 or 212 or soooo long (ok, like a month or 2) and I just felt like I hit a plateau. So, yay for finally busting it! Of course, I tend to drop 1-2 and gain it back and then drop it and stay stable and it just moves on from there.

I need a nap. I think I might go to bed early tonight. Or watch a movie. Ohhh, maybe I will rent one!! The Kid is at his Dad's tonight, so I have the place to myself. Mostly. The cats count, but it's not the same! Hmmm...thoughts are dancing in my head. I need to get some butter for the popcorn.

I was planning on getting my oil changed, but I might just do that tomorrow. I want to sweep the place up tonight I think.

I have an appointment to get waxed on Saturday, while the Kid is at his Dad's. It's been a while for certain places and I don't want a repeat UTI after being sick. So. That is getting taken care of.

Hmmm, I can't think of anything else at the moment. At least nothing so pressing that I need to figure out what it is.

Life is good.


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