Chicken Soup

Prep items for chicken stock
And the making the chicken stock
And this morning at 2 something ? Me straining said chicken stock.
And again this morning at 7 am ? Setting up the chicken soup !
I'm tired. I could not sleep with the slow cooker on though, and I have no idea why. Ugh. Suffice it to say tonight will be an early to bed one for me !
I'm almost done with the Kid's scarf though. I need to pick up 1 more skein of yarn to finish the edging :)  He saw it a little bit last night and seemed pretty happy with it so far :) Since I am dropping him off at his Dad's night, I will swing by AC Moore and get the last skein of yarn for it.
Right now? It's me and coffee and possibly some massive amounts of sugar from a Coffee Roll type of donut. Ahem.
Then it's back to working and thinking and wondering and all those good things!!


  1. I really need to make some homemade chicken noodle soup happen sometime soon. Like, way much. Looks amazing!

    1. I will say that this is the 1st time I have tried to make chicken stock (with the intent to make chicken stock, don't ask LOL!) and straining it at 3 AM, well, gods only know how well that came out! The 1st batch came out pretty clear, the 2nd one I was more tired on and just sorta said fuck it and put it in the container. Then I put that in the frig til 7 am this morning, which was when I started the chicken soup (and thus why no pics, it was too damn early!)

      I will say that I really like everything avbout the whole process so far. Picking the veggies and herbs, the chicken, cleaning/cutting and prepping. Granted, I should have set it up so that it went the WHOLE night through and not end at 2 something in the morning. But, it is what it is :) I got 2 recipes off the net, and I am hoping things taste yummy. I accidently put the parsley in this morning and it's cooking with everything, whereas the directions said to wait. Oh well! I will post tomorrow or the next day on how it tastes :)