Tuesday's Rain

It's one of those perfect days for staying in bed all day. Where you are lucky enough to have room service bring you hot yummy tea, warm bread with butter and honey and then throw in a hot guy and life is absolutely perfect.

Today is hopefully going to be busy. I know it will be pretty busy tonight once I'm home. I've gotta give the fat cat Diego a bath, take back the damn Nike shoes that don't fit the Kid, do some dishes, sweep because I always need to sweep and I may even organize the closet in my office. Maybe. And paint my nails. Yep, gotta do that! Oh and take a pic of my scarf.

I need to make some more scarves. I was looking at mine and noticed I have more purple/pink than anything. I should probably do a green, blue, red, and maybe something else...and maybe just more than 1 of those other colors too. Hmmm, winter hobbies can be fun.

Also, tonight is movie night I think at home. Gotta pick up something new to watch with the Kid. Make some popcorn and relax with him :)

Tomorrow I'm working on my puzzle some more, damn it, hell or high water!!

Have you ever heard of an apartment that would charge more if your son/daughter spent more time there (as in, you have full custody or joint custody, or hells, you just got additional time with said child) as compared to when you first moved in? That's a new one to me. Sure, I've heard of pet monthly fees, but not that. Perhaps if you went from 1 or 2 people to say OVER capacity for a place (I believe our old apartment actually had a capacity - like no more than 6 people or something to an apartment, hmmmm I wonder if I still have that old contract if it showed that.) Well, now I'm curious! I wonder what other fucked up policies apartment owners have in place!!  At least I don't have to worry about that shit anymore :) No HOA, it's just me - the owner - Of course, I gotta abide by state/city laws, but damn have to do that anyways so it's no big deal. It would suck for those people in that situation though, where an apartment complex were such assholes that way. Gods forbid someone get pregnant and have a kid, or twins! YIKES!!

In other thoughts!! I am totally wearing my red hot pants today! LOL, I got them on sale at Old Navy a few weeks ago ($9 cords, talk about a steal!) and I need to wear a belt with them because they are bit of low riders and I don't need to flash people my oh so sexy underwear!! But I did have 1 coworker just tell me that I make corduroys look sexy, so that's something I suppose!

I gotta schedule time to get my hair cut and get my Brazilian wax done too. And go to Home Depot, get the paint samples and a quote for my shower.

Seriously busy! But at least things are moving forward and in the right directions :)

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