Seriously ?

Ok, so...I walk to my car this morning be cause I had a wax appointment. I open my door, get in and hear something. Then I notice it's kinda cold and sounded like a window was open. So I look behind me and what do a see? A hole in my rear window.

Ummm, what the fuck?

I don't see any foot prints (it had snowed early that morning or late the previous night). So I had ASSUMED it was the cold. Somehow. I mean, granted it wasn't super freaky cold the other night, not like last week. 

So I look at the window more and the whole thing is just shattered. Shattered.

I call Safelite and the earliest it can get fixed is Thursday. But I took to them so that I can at least get plastic up. At the place, the guy points out that SOME FUCKING ASSHOLE threw a rock at my window.

Here's another one showing the damage to the back door.

Now, granted it could have been a rock kicked up by someone driving by. Maybe. However, I have a feeling that MIGHT not be the case.


So fuck you you mother fucking asshole who threw a rock at my car. I hope you fucking get what's coming to you. 


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