Multi update

Let's see.

I have 1 tomato that is almost ready to come off the vine :) And ton more growing !! I also pulled off 1 bell pepper :) Can't wait to cook it !

I have major tooth pain so even if I take the tomato off the vine, I can't eat it.

I cleaned my kitchen this weekend (I always feel better for some reason when it's clean)

Will be doing back to school shopping soon, since it starts on the 20th.

I am pretty sure I am going to go back to school and at least get my Associates Degree (ha, I had thought to write AA degree, but that might be misconstrued!) Have to figure that out though and fast.

I got my divorce paperwork in - SCORE - which means I will now start the process of officially changing my last name. Very very excited (it's a bitch though, I know). It feels more official once the paper came in :)

My body is in this whole reaction to last weeks stresses though. Between the poison ivy/oak (ugh, I will post pics on that soon enough) a different skin infection brewing and my tooth, you would think I would be miserable. And honestly, fuck that. Why be miserable - even with all that crap?? It's not like being miserable is going to make it better, or change it! Do I need a woo-is-moment? Yep sometimes I do, but after that you gotta just move on!

I read a book this weekend (which is awesome considering how much I haven't been reading as late) so I am hoping to post a book review on that this week. I really should update my goodreads account and get it current O.o

August seems to be packed with things we're doing! I almost think it's like the start of a season - the upcoming months have birthdays, holidays, outings, mini vacations and all kinds of goodness happening.

I found a ring I have lost in the last week, which makes me happy because I really really love this ring. It's not anything special, just I love it.

Work is awesome. Love my job. Boyfriend is awesome. Love him. Kid is awesome. Love him. My cats, well they are awesome but also annoying and sweet and still adjusting to updating their diets. Love them

Life is good :)

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