Ok...so it wasn't the tooth per se...

It seems that in all that stressing leading up to court and then dealing with the body reactions after court, I have been grinding my teeth something awful. Excruciating awful. Excruciating is my new fave word.

I have a bottom mouth guard. It's sorta neat, in a painful way.

Dentist has me on muscle relaxers, Cyclobenzaprine. So far, it hasn't really helped. I'm taking the generic of Aleve to deal with the pain because I didn't want stronger meds. Because I am weird. At this moment however, I am really wish I got the stronger meds.

I slept maybe 2 hours and woke up. In pain.

The dentist said he knows its grinding because my bottom teeth can all move (and they are not supposed to) and the reason for my stronger sensitivity and pain on my upper teeth - well I have a root canal there and the seal/crown that was done is one of those awesome ones that don't shatter if you grind. You, however, grind to shit the poor teeth around them and then get slightly smaller and it makes it hit harder on the tooth below.

Ugh. Seriously, at this point maybe I should look into dentistry for my next lifetime or something. I am learning way too much about it through personal experience.

I am not exactly thrilled with this dentist. I don't think that once this issue is resolved or at least on the mend, that I am going to go back.

If I sit up, I'm in not as much pain. So...I will be in some pretty interesting sleeping positions this week.

Oh and he said to give it 3 days (ahem, 3 fucking pain drenched days) to see if things are working and blah blah blah.

Here's hoping that I get better, less grinding, sleep tonight!!

And at least I'm not eating as much. Let's hope that turns into weight loss that I can sustain!!

Focus on the positive :)


  1. Good luck. You might want to have at least a few stronger pain meds on hand for the nights when you wake up and find the pain excruciating.

    1. You're probably right and I think next time I will get them - just in case!

      Thankfully when I woke up (both times!) this morning, there was no pain :)