Goods from the Garden, Sunflowers and Spiders

Here's a quickie - stuff from my and the boyfriends gardens...and other annoying things ;)

Potatoes that came from the boyfriends garden (and a couple tomatoes), which made some seriously yummy mashed potatoes for that nights dinner :)

So...I came home Sunday to all of my sunflowers bowed over or broken from the wind/weight of the heads. You can see here the stalk of one of the heads and how it's bending. The 2nd picture her is all the different sunflower heads hanging in my downstairs bathroom. I will probably move them up to the attic and hang from the rafters, because it's a lot hotter up there to dry them out. The thing I'm sorta worried about is that at least half of these were too early to really be cut off. So. I have no idea if I will get sunflower seeds out of them. I still have 1 sunflower out back that is freaking HUGE. I will take pics of it if I can to show!

The view if you try to walk to front of my house through the side, before they were all cut down.

This is my bellpepper plant, I've already gotten 1 large pepper off of it, lost 1 that was just starting to grow (the whole freaking branch came away) and it has 2 growing on it.

My monster tomato plant, that I have cut off 1/2 of so far. I mean, damn. It's so heavy I can't get it back up.
The freaky damned spider I killed on Saturday morning. In my kitchen. FML, I really, really, REALLY hate spiders.

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