Smoothies and thoughts and and and...sure!

I've started my attempts at making smoothies in the morning. I've been successful in that I've actually MADE them.

Yesterday, it was blueberries (a whole container was basically 1 cup), some strawberries before I saw the fuzzy ones in the container (not using those) and frozen raspberries. Added in some vanilla yogurt, ice and I think that's it. Not too bad actually. I think I want it a bit thicker and maybe throw in some honey and it's all set.

Today, it was cucumber, salt and pepper (a pinch each), lemon (I used some frozen cubes I had), vanilla yogurt, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. And...I think I should have blended it longer. Because, seriously, if you take a sip of something you should NOT need to chew it afterwards!! I'm still struggling to drink it all. I've added in some crushed ice and it's melted down a little bit and I am still chewing after I sip it. Don't get me wrong though, it tastes good!! I just don't want to chew my smoothie!

Tomorrow...hmmm...Maybe some kind of cucumber and spinach mix (as long as my spinach hasn't gone bad) with the lemon and definitely way way way more blended. Because, yeah.

I measured my breasts (the way you do for your bra size, sheesh) and I've lost an inch :) I was a 37 and now am 36. Score!!

I dyed my hair this past Friday. I have tried to not really do a lot that makes me sweat because then I will get henna dye in my sweat and thus clothes. As I experienced when I was weeding on Saturday. And also work has been seriously busy, which is awesome, so I haven't had a time to take walks this week so far.

Last night was a good night. Time just seemed to flow in a good path. With the kid, getting stuff at the store, dinner and cleaning the house. It just felt different. I felt Autumn a bit more in the air maybe. I realized that I really do love those chilly months and the coming holiday season. Don't get me wrong, I love Spring and (ok, maybe not so much) Summer, but Autumn and Winter? Love them. Love the holidays, the food, the point of spending more time with those you love (it seems like).

Maybe I just want longer nights to get more done? LOL

I am almost done with another book (another score!) this one by Devon Monk. I am getting better at reading again. I know that sounds weird, but I so had reading and smoking tied, that I've stopped reading a whole lot as a side effect from quitting smoking. I'm happy to be getting a better rhythm with that :)

Time to get more things done!

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