Happy Friday Thoughts

I have today off, which is a much needed break. We were planning on going to Myrtle Beach this weekend but it had to get postponed, which is not real problem. Especially since they are getting more rain right now than would probably be fun. Hopefully when we do head down that way it will be sunnier, because I need a little color.

In other news, we stopped by Home Depot today and got an appointment set up for them to come to my house tomorrow first thing in the morning to see about my lovely shower stall. I know the general stall I would like to get and I am just hoping they will not be asking for an arm and a leg to get things done. I really don't mind demolishing my current one myself, I just want someone to put in a new one and make sure that everything is kosher with the base and whatnot. I have been reading a lot on what it takes to install one of these things and all I can say is DAMN.


Other than that, I have laundry and little bit of yard work I would like to get done (and it's definitely not mandatory!) and some general house cleaning as well. That is more mandatory. But it's general stuff and not like Spring Cleaning thankfully.

Work has been good, nothing to wonky. I know it will be picking up in the coming up months and next year just because we have a huge project going on and I, lucky me in Logistics, will get to deal with some big ass equipment. Good times though :)

I do have a couple projects that I need to work on. One being a baby blanket or two that I need to finish and start/finish. I am going to learn how to make cheesecake (yum! First one will be pumpkin) and I want to learn how to make good southern biscuits. Weird, I know. I also want to get my attic organized and start cleaning stuff out of it. I will probably donate a lot of stuff in that, or at least sell it on eBay or Craigslist or something like that. My son has just outgrown them and I no longer have John here to give to (sad thought, that). So, I am hoping that someone else can at least get some form of enjoyment out of those. My son also wants to sell off all his Skylanders that he has. Which is quite a bit. Ugh. We invested so much money in those things and now he's all, I'm just not interested anymore. But that is life and there you go!

Anyways, hopefully everyone has a good weekend :) I will be getting some sunflower seeds dried (from the boyfriends stock) this weekend and hanging mine that are currently in the bathroom up in the attic because I think they will do better there. And hopefully that big ass one will be wilted enough I can cut off it's head. Hahahahaha, I always feel like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland when I say that!!

Also, so far the Kid's grades are doing good this semester. I keep a daily eye on how he's doing because of the drama from last year. He's, of course, complaining about school, but that is pretty much damn normal. He's not the happiest with some of the kids he's in classes with but honestly, whoever is?? I've explained that you will always have those people that you don't like and that you don't get along with, in school and work, and that you just need to figure out how to you want and can deal with it. Do you want to let it bother you or not? Do you want to annoy another person so much that they hate you ? Do you want to just let things other people go and move on with your own life? Because, really, why let someone else determine YOUR feelings and how you want to do things? Fuck that, it's your life, be happy with who you are and don't let others get in the way of that. I am really hoping he eventually at least hears part of that. Who knows, it will probably be someone else make a similar comment and then it will click. I just hope it clicks.

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