Cramping My Style

Cramps, oh how I love thee and despise thee.

Cramps, you difficult bitch, thanks for the morning wake up call.

So, yeah as you can see my period is starting to get more friendly with me because she's a complete and utter whore who seems to think my poor uterus is her horrific playground.

Sorry, I didn't get as much sleep as usual last night and I think my brain is still working on fumes. Coffee has yet to really impact my blood stream and what blood I have is starting to leak out of me. Oh the fucking joys of the menstrual cycle.

But the upside of this? This is something like 6 months in a row of me getting my period - which is practically unheard of with me previously (stupid PCOS crap). I attribute some of it to losing weight, less stupidity/stress in my life and maybe my hormones are just starting to behave slightly normally. And the really possibly cool upside - if I'm getting my period, that POSSIBLY means I could at some point get pregnant. Of course, that would be later on, once I am divorced AND with someone for a while!! But it's nice to know that if I/we wanted a kid, it's a possibility. A better one than in years passed when my stupid period hated me. If I get to that point, of course I will see the Dr before even thinking of trying, just to make sure I still don't have those lovely cysts choking my ovaries. That's even if at that point in time I/we want kids. I might just be happy with how things are. Who knows! I'm shutting this part of my brain off now...

Laundry done last night. The kid wants to play a video game tonight when I get home. I might, depending on if I feel like puking my guts out or not.

Also: I absolutely LOVE having the dining room table done. It just makes this house feel more complete, more home than it already did. Now, if I could just start painting the kids room! Ohhhh, maybe I will just go in and clean his room out and get it done. I should probably order his curtains too...and that moon sticker for his ceiling. Curtains first. Will check with him this week to make sure he still likes them or if you justs longer black curtains.

So, I'm a wee bit tired today. Last night, I hit Sam's Club and Martins on the way home, and I was already tired. But damn, I was in both stores, shopped and on my way home in 35 minutes. That must be some kind of record!! And then it was chores, laundry and good conversation :) I couldn't believe how fast time sped by!!

Work is busy, some of it just pc stuff today. I don't know. I just want a nap!!!

Also: I might go to Lowe's at lunch time and buy bug spray. There are spiders, lots of them, surrounding my house like a fucking last stand. I don't like. Nope, not all at. Those fuckers gotta go!


  1. Huzzah for the finished dining room table! It really is the things like that that make a home what it is. ^.^

    1. Yes!! Exactly :) And I think sometimes, the table sets the tone in a lot of different ways :)