Wednesday's Woe

So, not only is my monthly little friend tormenting my poor uterus, my bladder had decided to punish me as well. Nothing quite like that burning sensation when you go pee first thing in the morning!!

Of course, I got my lovely UTI, at least more than likely, from my Brazilian wax starting to grow back in. This is one of the reasons why I went to get waxed again this past weekend...I was hoping to head it of. But, alas, it was not meant to be. See, I know this is why I got it because this happened to me the last time I had one as well. Me and my lovely fucking sensitive skin!! UGH.

Yesterday, I probably drank 100 oz of water and peed more often than office full of pregnant women.

I'm taking Uva Ursi for it. Yes, I know most people go to the Dr. and get antibiotics. I am just not a big fan of pharmaceuticals. And I've had these in the past and taken Uva Ursi and it's always worked for me. Just gotta remember to NOT drink or eat things that are acidic. Like cranberry juice, because that causes the Uva Ursi to not work. Learned that one the hard way!! Research people, always research!!

My allergies are acting up today too - I almost, ALMOST, feel like it's a cold. So bloody annoying. I swear to the gods, my body is just hating me at the moment!!

Work, is well, (shock) busy. Which is good :) Always good that :)

Hmmm....let's see. What else...tomorrow is the Band Boosters meeting. Joys.

I did not go to Lowe's yesterday, so I will attempt to do so today. Because, you know, those bitches still gotta go. In fact! This morning, I get in my car, put my hand on the steering wheel and felt something fuzzy. I should not be feeling something fuzzy. Me being fuzzy is completely different. And what was this fuzzy thing I felt, you ask? Oh, you know, just a little spider. To say I freaked the fuck out puts it mildly. I jumped out of my car and saw said spider dangling by one of it's threads. I gently moved the thread and the spider hit the side of that thingy that has the drive shaft. To which then I took my foot and smashed it. Dead. Yeah, now I have a dead spider partially on my shoe and in my car. Ewwwww.

I needed coffee, UTI or no UTI. I also got water though and started drinking it first. Spiders before coffee should NOT be allowed. Period. As in against the law or something.

Oh! That reminds me, some idiot fuckers in Western Maryland want 5 counties to secede and this quote killed me:
Carroll County resident Scott Strzelczyk, leader of the “Western Maryland Initiative,” says people are fed up with the liberal majority and want an "amicable divorce."
That's right, because those liberals are such hard asses and because they vote and you don't like it, therefore you must have your own state. Ahem. If the majority of people felt the way these idiots did, then elections and alcohol taxes would have ended up different. But nooooo, you're upset because for once, you aren't majority and you're not getting your way and therefore must throw a tantrum! Listen assholes, there is always someone else getting what they want. Always. Times change, people and cultures change and either you are part of that change or you are what's changed. Life is just like that. Reality sucks, I know, but come on - either you realize it or live in some alternate version of things. And you know what? Liberals probably felt this way too, when YOU assholes were more in office. So what did they do? The worked the system and got the majority. It's always a fucking gamble with any form of politics. The whole thing gives me a headache.

Oh the comments under the articles crack me up. Seriously, some people are just fucking stupid. As in scary stupid.

Of course, I doubt this will really happen. It's just annoying. For reals.

Link from CNN:

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  1. Oh, no. No, no, no.... Not a chance in Hel's frozen realm would I have gotten back into my car. I would have called in. No, no.... >.<

    Bummer about the UTI. It sucks when it can't just be headed off. =\ I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Also, CAPCHAs are somehow much worse when you're on a phone. >.<

    2. Yeah, UTI's suck :(

      As for the spider in my car. I felt immensely better killing it. Again, it was before coffee so I seriously doubt my brain was functioning at full throttle.


    3. The word verification thingie? When you post a comment? I might have spelled it wrong. =/