Monday Madness

So this weekend -

Let's see, the dining room table is finally finished!! So unbelievably happy about this!!! I watched mostly, but I did help a little bit!! It's amazing how some people are just really good at that type of thing. I am coming to realize that I am not one of them!!! LOL -  Mainly because the DVD/CD Media bookcase I put together? Well...it will get the job done but it sure ain't pretty!! LOL - It's almost kinda sad!! But, it's done. Right? Maybe...I'm still laughing about it so that should say something!!

Back to the dining room table, the kid and I actually ate at it last night - and let me tell you - it was so nice and wonderful and just felt good. Like family should be.

Saturday, that was when I did the DVD/CD thingy - while watching Pitch Perfect again. I also re-arranged my living room just a bit, and I like it so far. Not sure if it's going to stay that way, but will see :) I need to find some place for this mirror I have. If not, it might end up in the attic for a while. The walls in my living room, it's just kinda weird in a way because there is SO much of them, that I am having a hard time finding the right artwork that I want. Hmmm. I think I need to go shopping at Pier 1 or something.

Also: Cake

I cleaned a little bit on Saturday, though I should have probably done some laundry, I guess I will tonight after we go grocery shopping.

Oh I also laid out and got my pale ass some sun! That was sooooo nice. I put some music on my iPod nano, sprayed on some oil and took my pale self outside with a towel and pillow. I flipped sides every 5 songs (give or take) so that I wouldn't burn. I had a hat for covering my face. And it was sooo nice. I want to do this more often!!

Sunday, Sunday...I don't remember...oh that's right! I had this really weird/fucked up dream about my ex-stepsister-in-law. I need to text/email that to her. And since my period is just starting (it's being wishy washy on me today for some reason, stupid period) my hormones have been all over the place. Stupid hormones need to get a life. A good life.

Oh, I also got waxed last night. It's only been 3 weeks, however, in the past if I've had a Brazilian done and it's NOT up kept, UTI or yeast infections will ensue. Not something I want. I actually felt the very start of a UTI yesterday, so Uva Ursi regiment has already started. I think I will be able to head it off and flush it out of my system, especially considering how much fucking water I drink. I didn't get the legs waxed, those can wait another few weeks easy (besides it's not like they are that hairy, it just seems certain patches grow in faster - so weird). But I'm glad I got the Hu Ha done.

Also: hot wax down there feels good.
(the ripping of hair out, not so much, just focus on the yummy hot wax)

Work is going to be busy today, I can already tell. Which is good!! I'd rather be busy than bored, any day :)


  1. Cake sounds good.
    Note to anyone who follows me: someone is harassing me anc claiming I'm not "who I say I am" based primarily upon a photo I used being submitted to sites by my grandmother and sold by the photographer who took the picture. (I readily admit my real surname is not Rousseau.) He is contacting my followers. I apologize if you havebeen contacted.

    1. Cake is always good :)

      I haven't heard anything yet, but I will let you know if the arsehole does!