Freaky Friday

I'm still sick. Slightly better, so am at work at least. The Kid is feeling completely normal (must be nice) and he's at school. I think I will be taking things s-l-o-w today. My boss even came by and asked me if I needed more time to rest. Holy shit I must look like death warmed over! I told him no, that I should be fine but am taking things slow. And seriously, if I start lagging something bad, will head home early.

I has plans tomorrow. Exciting plans, fun plans. Plans I am really looking forward to. So. I WILL BE BETTER DAMN IT!!! BWahahahahaha

Wednesday I killed me some spiders. Last night, I saw 2 of the bitches again though, but sprayed them. Because, yeah, those fuckers really really REALLY wig me out.

Ok, so I came home early, getting ready to take a nap and then clean up the house later on. I need to take my meds as well. I did have soup though, drank some tea. Which is always good. Soup did wonders for me I think. I always add in garlic and paprika to my chicken noodle soup, it just seems to make it yummier.

Right now I'm watching the kitten freak out  over a fly or something outside. It's rather funny. She is so adorable, love it. She is so beautiful, and her fur is seriously soft.

My period is almost over, thank the gods. My UTI is still here though, but hopefully it will be done in a couple days. I am looking forward to not having all these things at once! LOL, it's been just lovely. At least I know my cold is due from allergies. I am not the only one at work that's sick and we all seem to have allergies.

I have to use or lost my remaining sick time and personal holiday. I will use my personal holiday for my bday next month. As for my remaining sick time, well...I have no idea. I do have a couple dentist appointments coming up, but they won't take up the 40+ hours. I think that's one of the reasons I didn't mind calling out yesterday or leaving early today. May as well...Maybe I will take off time for my period, whether I need or not, for the next couple of months and that will help drain those hours down.

OK, my brain is not quite functioning it seems. Meds, then sleep. Then cleaning. I have this thing it seems about cleaning my floors. Who knew.

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  1. Sorry you're having such trouble kicking the bug's ass. I've had a virus that's been traveling through the community. My case was mild compared to some of he people who actually were admitted to the local hospital (the place is always full of people using the eR as their family doctor, but this time people are really ill. it feels mostly like having ben run over by a tractor, and leaves no bady part totally unaffected, though the simultaneous upchucking and runs are the worst. Is yours anything similar similar?