Freaky Friday

I was really good last night about not putting a lot of weight on my foot. Score me :)

Though I did make some Lemon Cupcakes :) I even saved some for the Kid :) The rest were given away :) I just felt like baking. And to be honest, I will be cooking some more this weekend. Not just cupcakes, but also making Cinnamon Raisin Bread (I need to check my levels of raisins at home) for some Bread Pudding on Sunday. Ohhhhh, wait a second. I am making that for a Pagan thingy on Sunday. I should warn them I busted my foot and will need help!!!

I am still resting my foot, putting ice on it and just taking it easy. It's going to be interesting trying to do ANYTHING this weekend, but oh well!

I did have some help putting the Kid's shower head in the downstairs bathroom, but it's done and used it this morning. I really did like having that large shower again. Makes me sorta think about my smaller one upstairs. Hmmmm. I am going to ask around about how much work it takes to make mine a wee bit larger. And if it's too much work, it can wait! If it's not though, then I might just do that. At least for right now, I have the bathroom downstairs that can be used :) Being clean is a good thing!!

Since I made a mess upstairs looking for my insurance card, I should probably take some time to get my filing done and at least clean that part up. And if I am working in the office, then I can at least get that room more organized without putting too much strain on my tootsie.

Also: how is that I just drank coffee and feel like I could fall asleep instead? And I am pretty sure I went to bed earlier last night than I have in a week. Hmmm.

Work, hahahaha, is quiet and I'm not doing as much as I should be. End times people, end times.

Ok, I am going to see if I can hobble around for a little bit and look productive :)


  1. Hello I am Mike from Inwood. You must really be talented hopping around on one foot baking lemon cupcakes. You know they are great with strawberry slices on top too. My girlfriend makes them that way sometimes, they are so awesomely good. I don't know why I am mentioning that to you but oh well. Take care!

  2. Hi Mike from Inwood!! Heehee, I am just a little bit talented, but only a little bit! :) I tried to be smart and sit as much as possible so I didn't put too much weight on my foot. It was kinda interesting to say the least.

    Yum, strawberry slices on top sounds really good! I've actually done that too :) Wow, great minds must think alike! You must have a really cool girlfriend who would make cupcakes for you!! I've thought about doing a chocolate cupcake with some kind of cinnamon whipped icing and then maybe adding some almond slices. Or chocolate shavings or something like that. I just need to find a cinnamon icing. Hmmm, now I feel like baking some more :^D

    Well, I'm glad you mentioned it, since it gave me some ideas :D

    Take care :)
    Faery Chaos