Wednesday's Wooing Woe

Oh my, I am exhausted. Work is B-U-S-Y! I'm ready to fall asleep as I attempt to actually write a post.

Also: New Favorite Word = WOW

My sinuses are being abused - there is a lot of dust related activities going on at work. Because, you know, breaking down card board is never dust free. Or moving equipment.

Hmmm, I had thoughts when I first started this post I wanted to share. But now they seem to be hiding from me. Don't you hate that!??!!

In other news, my ring sizes are getting smaller. Which is awesome and annoying. Awesome because I'm losing inches/weight but annoying because some of my cool ass rings might be too big to wear if this keeps up. My size 14 jeans are getting looser too. Not quite needing to go the next size down, but I will need to start using my belt :)

Oh, my big sister is coming to visit! I am soooooo excited about that! AND she's going to be here during my birthday = WAY AWESOME!!

Annoying fact I found out - I have poison oak growing in yard. JOYS! So, I attempted to spray some weed killer stuff but I might need to upgrade to the commercial grade version. Me and the kid have sensitive skin, no need to have that stuff around! I've been thinking of really ripping all the stuff out of the front and back yard, let everything fallow over winter and starting fresh in the spring. Except for a couple of the nice butterfly bushes that is. Because, yeah, I don't like the weeds and now poison oak stuff and I also don't like things too close to the AC unit or the house.

Another annoying fact - I have a crack in my shower upstairs. I am going to put in a newer shower head in the downstairs bathroom and use that until I pick up some epoxy to fix that one.

Also: WOW

Oh, maybe I should give Diego a bath tonight, I've been forgetting or putting it off and I REALLY should get that done. But I need to sweep first thing when I get home. I hate how my stairs collect dust and cat hair so easily! Oh and I need to do some laundry as well. It seems like tonight is going to be busy!! And I just want to sleep. Maybe I should make some coffee first when I get home.

Ok, whatever thoughts I had have seriously hidden themselves from me. So I am going to go search for them in some quiet corner and pretend to be productive while at it. Shhhh...

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