Talent = Sprain

I am seriously and quite conceivably the most talented I've ever been before. So, not only can I NOT walk, I can not walk and cause myself injury. Sure, it was late at night and I had had a drink HOURS before and sure I was tired. But seriously? Walking in my back yard last night, I somehow trip over my own feet, fall like some kind of giant engulfed tree and sprain my foot/ankle.

So, I ice my poor foot last night, realize I was so tired I was ready to fall asleep mid thought, and somehow pulled myself and the basket of laundry upstairs.

I woke up at 4:30 am, because of the trash truck, realized I FORGOT to put the damn trash out! Ugh. Also realized my foot was still swollen and in pain. Took 3 Advil at 5:30 am. Slept for an hour. The kid woke up all kinds of cranky. Complaining about his clothes and lack of fit and overall not a good morning for him or myself.

Also: It turns out the Kid needs more clothes...wait, remember when I had ASKED HIM REPEATEDLY to try on his fucking clothes to see what fit/didn't fit, and he refused AND then he refused to buy MORE clothes when Maryland was having that tax free week?? Well guess what Mr. Smarty Pants!!?? Now, we need to go clothes shopping and me who can barely walk. So, I've asked his Dad to see if he wouldn't mind taking him (and yes, I'm providing the money)

I email my boss, explaining I will be in late and why. I slowly get dressed and get what I need (ahem, I went searching for my insurance card, didn't find it, but made a mess) and carefully made my way downstairs, got my purse and keys and went to the car. OW owow ow owow. Went to Urgent Care at 8 am.

Neat thing: I downloaded my insurance company's app, registered and LOOKY HERE!! It created a card for me to email to the Urgent Care place, how awesome is that!?!

Yes, they asked questions, took X-rays. Nothing shows up on the X-rays which I think is a good thing. Of course, they go and say my nasty ass sprain is probably just as bad if not worse. Jeez, thanks! So, hopefully if I am REALLY GOOD about it, a couple days will take down the pain and swelling. Right now, I've got an Air splint on it and have to use crutches. Seriously, all because I can't seem to walk. But this means no Wine Festival this weekend. I just want to make sure I am healed up before the 28th, Renaissance Faire. That's what I am caring about right now! Work, well they can be nice and work things out so it's easier for me. Because, ummm, what else can be done??

And in other news - I has a crack in my upstairs shower stall. I noticed this morning ANOTHER crack in it. I spoke to a guy at work, who does facilities and he says it sounds like there is no support under it. Which means I will need to replace said shower. Lovely. Again, wonderful timing. But, you know what? It is what it is. At least now I can replace it and know it will be a good long while before I need to do that again :)


  1. I'm glad you have no fracture. A sprain can hurt just as much (usually you have a sprain along with a fracture, and the soft tissue damage is usually what's causing the bulk of the pain). The problem is that a fracture is usually casted, where a sprain is lucky to be air splinted,and too many people don't leave it on as long as it needs to be.

    If people would stay off sprains and give them the same care they give fractures, sprains would heal faster and mor permanently.

    I'm usually highly discouraged from giving medical advice, but my dad approved this. He's not an orthopedist, but he has emergency medicine and trauma certification.

    Regardless, I hope you're not in too much pain (I hope they gave you better than over-the counter drugs at urgent care) and are soon on the mend with lots of rest this weekend. I'm glad your child's other parent is taking the boy clothing shopping so at least you don't have to be on your foot even if you're still paying for everything.

    1. You and me both!! It does hurt, but it is getting better. I was really good yesterday and last night about not being on it.

      Like you and your Dad said, people try to rush their healing and it just can't really be done. I am going to do my best to rest it, not put a lot of strain on it. So what if my house gets a little bit dirty!! It can wait :) Any yard work I was going to do, can wait.

      From what I understood about the air splint, it needs to stay on until I can put weight on my foot without pain. I am sticking with that idea :)

      Nope, I am just taking advil. I am not too big a fan of pharmaceuticals in general.

      Yes, the Kid's dad will be taking him shopping, which will be a big help! I doubt he will do that laundry as well, but that's no biggie ;)

      Thank you, btw :)