This Past Weekend = Awesome

So Friday. I went home early, rested, took one small elusive nap and felt better. Not like LOADS of better, but better. I was able to clean downstairs and do some laundry.

I was in great anticipation for Saturday. Because, Saturday, was Medieval Times! WOOT! We went with a friend and his 2 kids. Said kids are 2 years on either side of my son, and his son who is 10, loves and breathes the same the game as mine. Suffice it to say, they hit it off :) Honestly, I thought they would, but it's always always always a good thing when your kid makes a new friend :)

So, Medieval Times is located in a mall, a somewhat large mall that we got to walk around :) It was fun, the kids got some cool stuff and the memories are incredible. Not much else you can ask for a day out like that :)

I got a couple pics of the Kid, not a whole lot because the boy would not stand still!! And of course, it was too dark inside once the show started. And what a show! OMG, who knew! It was a lot of fun :) Can you sense the theme here?

I drove both ways, which was cool :) I liked driving and listening to the kids talk or my friend tell stories. And singing along with the music. Because, you know, I got that multitasking thing going on. LOL, ok but I did pay attention to driving :)

Now, with me missing a lot of work last week, today has been a bitch! I've been basically going non stop since my morning meeting til now. I am exhausted!! And of course I have a slew of things to do when I get home. My mind is almost boggling at that. I need more time in my days again! Yikes!

Good things: No more period, she's hiding for a few weeks :) That damned UTI seems to be gone as well. That bitch can stay gone! And my cold? Is on it's last legs as well :) I still have some sinus issues, but nothing like it was! Yay!!! Love feeling better :) Also: not smoking as much. Surprising in my mind, but a really good thing over all :^D

This week looks to be kinda busy. I almost miss those days that I didn't have stuff to do. Almost. Of course, there a ton of things I'd rather NOT being doing. AKA fixing house/furniture stuff. But, it is what it is!!  I have plans to make, since my awesomeness of a sister will be coming for a visit!! Yay!! SO EXCITED about that! Oh my, I am almost beside myself with that one!!

My birthday is in less than a month, and I am planning on hiding in my bed that day. Or the couch. I am not a big fan of my birthday, and I am not sure if that's a normal thing, sad thing or just-as-you-get-older thing. I don't know. I'm not exactly dreading it per se, just not excited about it. Ohhh, maybe I will buy myself some more rings though! I've already pre-ordered books, but that wasn't as a bday present to myself. Hmmmm. Since I've lost weight, my ring sizes have gone down, which is awesome too.

Sunday, hmmm...I was tired, did some cleaning, minor grocery shopping. I was sorta cranky, I think from those last dregs of being sick. But Sunday night was good.

My brain is starting to shut down though. I need a nap, or at least a moment to NOT think for a brief moment !!!

I do have a couple projects to start, not already including those around the house (ahem, painting!) but I want to make some scarves, or a blanket, I want to make some jewelry.

Also: It's actually bit a tiny bit chilly lately - LOVE IT. Oh and it was raining this morning and I sooooo did not want to get out of bed! I was all curled up and snuggled in.

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