Flipping Friday

Today is a busy day. Not just at work either.

The Kid has a football game tonight, the first in his marching band career! Since it will be tonight and todays high is supposed to be 51 degrees, we will be freezing our collective asses off. I so remember those days in HS though. I personally had a lot of fun, minus all the hard work, being in marching band. Anyway, we won't get home until probably about 11 pm. Yikes.

Then tomorrow night, it's almost a rinse and repeat, just a parade and slightly earlier home time. During the day, I will probably be cleaning and organizing a little bit downstairs.

Sunday, we have plans and will probably be out most of the day. I swear, I will sleep at some point!

Update on Puck:
So, I have been calling the Vet every day, trying to get a hold of the Dr and see what is up. Well, I still didn't talk to her, but I did at least speak to someone. Who somewhat relayed what the Dr. said and that she wanted to do a urine culture, which would entail Puck being there all day, them taking the urine directly from his bladder and costing me about $160. I just don't have it. Partly because I know it won't end there. With Vets and animals, it almost never ever does. She did say that his kidneys are borderline and that is possible to step away from the brink. With a special diet, supplements and fluids being pushed (see what I mean about it not ending??). Hello, single mom here who works full time and barely has time to eat anymore. So. I asked what other options there are. She called me back much later and said I could do a general antibiotic and see if that kills anything that MIGHT be growing in his urine (aka bacteria) and that the Dr. will talk me to later at some point about options. One of the things she brought up was just a "wait and see" on how he's doing. And for the last couple of days, he's been ok. He's been sitting next me, he's eating, drinking and everything else. We're keeping the bathroom door shut so he won't pee on the towel/rug in there. And I got this Nature's Miracle to eliminate the urine odorbut the one I got is lavender scented I think. Hopefully it will work and the antibiotics will work. However, the eventuality of it is that he will have be put to sleep once things get worse :_( So. I'm taking lots of pictures of him. I'm keeping the Kid aware of the situation, because that is not a happy surprise.

It's not an ideal situation, but any situation with a sick cat is never good.

In other news, still not reading as much as I was. Not sure if this good, bad or just eh. Maybe at some point this weekend I will read. LOL, gods, that sounds so weird to me - the one who used to read 4 or 5 books in a week. It just seems that my time is better spend elsewhere now...Will see what kind of balance can be reached ;)

Back to the grind

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