Happy Thursday - I am starting to LOVE me some Thursdays

OMG  - It actually snowed for a blink of an eye here today! Wow! I wonder what this means for this winter. Is this winter supposed to be worse than last year?? I should probably check that out!

So I got in some the stuff I purchased and 2 of 3 items didn't work out. Which is how it is sometimes when ordering stuff online without the ability to see if it fits. I am not too stressed, as the ones that didn't fit were not that expensive.

This one fit:

These did NOT fit:

Now, the cute black dress? Hmmm, if I lose the weight I want to lose, I bet you money I will be able to wear it. Their Large is really a size 10. Right now, I am basically a size 12 in most things and sometimes a 14 depending on the style and whatnot. Some more or some less, you never know. Both of these were made in China and the bodice shipped from China so I am not going to ask for a refund. Too much of a pain in the ass! The bodice, well not sure if I can EVER fit that one, because damn it's made for someone who's idea of Large is a pinky or something. I probably know someone who's a stick figure that I can gift this too. I hope. Will see.

Tonight is Pizza night. Tonight I am going to make rice krispies damn it. Hot sticky yummy goodness, all right there.

I have some laundry to put away and some dishes to do and probably sweep the house again. Never ending sweeping.

I haven't heard from the vet. I've called every day. Ahem. Annoyed is what I am starting to get.

Work is busy as all get out. Plus I am leaving early a lot lately for the Kid's band practice, football game and Monday is his dental appointment. Good times baby!

Oh and Thursday? It's a good day :) That's all I'm saying about it. Really. Really good day.

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