Cruise Clothes

I already have:
  • 1 Formal Evening Gown (it's sparkly, green and makes me look hot - or so I've been told)
  • 1 Formal Pink Dress for one of our events
  • 1 Summery type dress I can wear to one of the islands
  • 2 Bikini tops and 1 shorts to go with either
  • Jeans (will I even need a pair?)

Here are some of what I've purchased:

What I need?? Ha
  • Shorts (in my new size) which means I might see if Old Navy has anything.
  • Shirts - I have some, but most are for work. Who wants to wear work clothes on a cruise? I have others, but those are more for dates. And the ones I wear on the weekends? Are starting to get a little worn out.
  • New sandals? New walking shoes
  • I can't think of anything else, because it's only a week and it shouldn't be that crazy. It seems the most I need are clothes for dinner (since you can't wear shorts and whatnot after 5:30 or something like that...thus these dresses).
It's a Caribbean cruise, I don't want to wear pants for any reason, unless I am in a jungle. 

I want sun, beaches, yummy drinks and good conversation with my BFF. And maybe some cool excursions as well :)

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