Whacked Wednesday

Hmmm....let's see...

I am still somewhat exhausted and that probably won't change any time in the foreseeable future. Between work, house work, the Kid's band schedule and other life life-y-ness, I am pretty much going to be on my feet and just go - go - going pretty much all this month and half of next. Ok, realistic, into the new year. But whatever!!

But then...then...I have VACATION!!!

I am excited, nervous and sorta ho hum about vacation. I have loved ones I am going to really miss while gone. I'm scared silly about being on the ocean but super excited about visiting other countries.

Good News:
Weight is staying the same. Miracle in some ways, since I've quit smoking I would think I would gain some weight.

Life is good overall, so there is that. Focus on the good things!!

Sorta Bad News:
You know, this week has been a bit of a cluster fuck. And what do I realize? Mercury Retrograde started on Monday. Go fucking figure.

I think that for 2014, I am going to work on that page of my blog and give it some more information.

Bad News:
The kid said his knees were hurting. I had assumed 2 things: 1 - it was from the fall and should be checked out or 2 - he's growing again (have I mentioned he's gotten taller in the last month? Yeah, I should probably measure him). So, I called his Dr. and took him in. Who knew it's been a couple years since his last visit! Anyway, the Dr. said it wasn't the falling down the stairs. Oh nos. He has what is called Osgood-Schlatter disease, which is not so much a disease...


The Dr said it's common, between ages 10-16 and that it usually ends around 16. It's not the end of the world and there isn't much to do for it, other than rest and if need pain meds (advil type). So, his whining now has a name and reason.

Oh and he needs some vaccinations. Got those scheduled for November. Good times for him!!

More Bad News:
Puck, my poor kitty Puck, is having issues. Spoke to the Vet and she said that his kidney's are not doing so hot. His urine is not concentrated, this means his kidney's aren't working like they should. And honestly, when the kidney's are going - it's just a matter of time before his organs start shutting down. I have read that a lot of people can push the fluids for their cats, basically bypassing the kidney functions...and that it can extend the kitty's life months to another 1-2 years. For me, it comes into a situation that's 3-fold. 1. I don't have the time (sad, I know) 2. I don't have the money (also sad, I know) and 3. I - personally - don't think the quality of life would be all that. He's 12 years old, old but not that old. Also, from what I've read, when a cat starts showing symptoms, that means 70-75% of the kidney's are gone. And yes, some people are really good at devoting all their time to their sick cat. I really wish I could. But the fact is, even if I did - I am only prolonging his life for months and maybe a year or 2. Is that really fair to him? I don't know. It's a really tough question. I've been thinking about this for days now and I am still not sure what the answer is. For me, if this was me, and I didn't have kids or anything - just companions and all I did was sleep a lot - I think I'd rather just go...but that's me. And he is a big part of our family, part of our dynamic. I can only imagine how Diego and Tiamet are going to react. Daisy, she's going to miss him, but probably not as much as Tiamet (his sister) or Diego will. Not to mention, we got Puck and Tiamet just after the Kid was born. He's had them his whole life. When I talked to him about the situation, he said that we should let Puck be put down, that he doesn't want him to suffer for anything. Oh my gods, my kid. He loves Puck as much as I do. He loves all our cats. It's just hard. It's part of life and I wish things were easier. I wish he wasn't sick and that he didn't have to go through this. It makes me wonder if I should see about changing the cats diet again, add in more protein and see if I can at least make sure the kitten and Diego (hopefully Diego) don't get this. Diego, dude is fat. No idea what to do with him sometimes. I don't know. Maybe I will research a raw diet for them and just get away completely from processed food (though I will keep a small amount for bad weather situations...) I don't know. It just seems, this is all fucked up. Inside house hold cats should NOT have the type of health issues they are getting, if their food was healthy. I know I switched mine in the last few years to the much higher grade of food, but damn. Too little too late???

It's hard thinking about it. And Tiamet, her thyroid - I haven't been the best kitty mommy about giving her her meds (between the divorce, the house and everything, it's just been rough) and the Dr said it's not under control. Ugh.

I need more time in the day, more energy or a clone of myself or perhaps part myself and part robot who doesn't need to sleep or take breaks. And a handy man. And a massager. And someone who will keep me warm at night. And maybe a chef. You get the idea. LOL.

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