Not So Tired Tuesday

Last night, I had a slight food coma and went to be early. Early as in right before 9 pm. I was out. I did wake up up for a little while, thanks to Tiamet meowing for no apparent reason (ugh, hate it when she does this) but it was a good thing in this case :)

My ankle felt quite a bit better this morning. I think it's because I really wasn't on it at all last night. I did run a couple errands right after work, PetsMart and picked up chinese for dinner. Maybe it was all the carbs I had yesterday, no sure what was really up with that...I just was craving carbs like a zombie wants brains. I am doing much better on that front today, though I will admit there was too much sugar in my coffee this morning. That's what I get for not paying attention!!

I also ordered a slew of hats:

The reason for this, besides the butch lesbian hair cut, but also because all my baseball type of hats are all previous job related and not that cute. Also, my other beanie style ones, well, they are for hard core winter warmth. So, these at least are cute, I can wear when it's not freezing outside and cover up my butch lesbian hair cut. And also: Who doesn't want some cute hats? I know these are exactly all summery and whatnot, but since I tend to wear dark colors for the most part, they will fit in well. I think next year I will attempt to get more lighter hats. Also, by then I will have determined if my hair will be short another year or if I will grow it out.

Work is busy today, so this is a short post. I've gots lots to do ;)

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