Bits and Pieces (again)

So I have another company coming in on Saturday to look at my shower and try to quote me something I can't afford. I was really hoping Home Depot wasn't going to be "We're part of Home Depot, but a different part." Because this guy just told me that the showers the rep will show me are NOT the ones that Home Depot sells. Ummm, what? I mean, seriously? They are ones more on the higher end. To which I said, I am really looking for something simple, I don't need one all blinged out. He said then tell the rep that and the rep won't show me the blinged out ones. Well. Hmmm. I asked if they do have someone that does installs of things bought at Home Depot. He's all, yep and here's their number. So, in a nutshell, if Home Depot can't sell me this on Saturday, Home Depot can let me buy it from them and they still install it. Oh ok then. Isn't that what I was asking for in the first fucking place when I got this damned appointment set up? Because, hello, single mom with a tight budget here! But I need and want my stupid ass shower fixed!!

I am hoping they have something in my price range that won't require a 2nd car loan payment. Because, damn.

My lovely monthly lady friend is visiting. I am inhaling chocolate at an alarming rate (hahaha, I wish I was) and I've been a bit crankier this time around. Probably because I was really bad about not taking my supplements this month and those do make a difference. I know I'm bloated like a cartoon whale right now. Ugh.

I ordered some books and am really excited about reading Visions from Anne Bishop. I am hoping, hoping, I can read tonight and drink some wine. I seriously doubt that will happen though because I just freaking remembered the Kid has more classwork to finish (oh, what a long story that is) to be turned in on Friday.

Otherwise, work has been keeping me busy. Oh but I will be baking one way or another this weekend. Either cookies or lemon bars or maybe attempt a pumpkin cheesecake :)

Also: I seem to have an obsession with...socks. Don't ask...I will explain later.

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