Friday Freakiness

Well, I accomplished getting signed up for college today, 1 class in my program is available (I'm kinda late in starting for Fall) which is a management 103 class. I'm getting my residency stuff worked out since they had me as an out of state student and I'm really really not. Class starts 10/1 though, all on line, which is awesome. Associates of Science in Business Administration is a start. I will try to figure how many classes I can handle each semester. Thankfully some of my old college credits will transfer over :)

It's exciting and scary. Not freaky bad scary. It's just - I mean, it's been almost 20 years since I was college (holy fuck) and I am not nervous about failing, I know I won't, it's more of this - shit I am getting this done and it's really happening. Oh wait, that almost sounds like when you go into labor !!

My kid is bringing his french horn home today, so we get to practice on Sunday, which is awesome. I love playing still and it gets me back to that :)

Tonight, I don't know what I'm doing lol. Maybe I will attempt to make a cheesecake. And try out this organic sugar wax thing (on my legs, ahem) and see if it works to any degree. Maybe I will read (hahahaha, of course I am reading tonight) and definitely doing a load of laundry.

My period is hopefully winding down. I certainly am not in any back pain today (hey, I even did 1 walk so far and some squats!).

I am not, repeat NOT, thinking about my shower appointment tomorrow.

This is me, not thinking about my shower ;) (I hear her saying, in my head, 'whatever bitches'!)

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