Some things accomplished, others being worked on

I finally got another one of my wall decor sayings up :) Thanks to the boyfriend helping :)

And this monster sunflower, is finally and awesomely ready :) We cut it down tonight and I just had to take some pictures because damn this thing is just freaking huge.

 You can see I don't have model type hands, but it at least gives you a better scope of how fucking large this thing is. Oh and it's taking up the whole damn chair it's sitting on.

A carrot. The only carrot that survived (I planted several seeds but wasn't too concerned about ANY of them surviving, it was just an off chance thing) and it was a monster carrot. Seriously, my backyard is a place of mayhem in sizes for growing things!

I know, it looks a bit weird. I will be feeding it to the horses at my job tomorrow :) Yes, I cleaned it off already because it would not be nice to fed someone dirt. We didn't even find ALL of it !!

The thing being worked on? The sunflower. I have it hanging up in the attic with the other ones. I need it to dry out further so that we can take the seeds out :) Seriously, just this ONE sunflower out scopes all the others. It was a huge head, a huge stalk and it has a ton of freaking seeds. YAY.

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